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What to Expect

On your scheduled service day, Dog Poo Happens pet waste removal expert will arrive at your home in one of our professionally branded vehicles. He or she will walk your yard in a grid-like pattern scanning your yard, back and forth across their path, picking up every pet poo they find. Once the first pass is complete, they will circle around and walk the path a second time, this time in reverse.

We scoop all pet waste into a scooping receptacle lined with a fresh waste bag. Once your yard is complete, we place the waste bag into another new bag and then tie them securely. These waste bags are either placed in your garbage can or we can take them with us for an additional fee.

We then clean and disinfect all of our equipment – even our shoes before we go to our next client. This way we ensure that we never contaminant anyone’s yard with bacteria and or parasites.

And last but not least, we leave you a small door hanger to let you know that your yard was serviced and is perfectly clean.

Why should you use Dog Poo Happens:

  • We offer affordable pet waste removal services in the Hudson Valley, Northern NJ, and PA.
  • We offer several different service plans to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • All of our technicians are fully insured, uniformed and trained in pet waste removal.
  • We leave door hangers so you know exactly when we serviced your yard.
  • Our tools are always disinfected in between jobs to ensure the possibility of spreading parasites and diseases.
  • We offer a 5% discount when prepaying for 26 weeks and 10% discount when prepaying for 52 services. If you cancel before the prepayment expires, we will refund you any unused portion.
  • We are a fully committed company sworn to core values, honesty, and integrity. We are a privately owned company that guarantees 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your service, Please give us a call and we will come back out and re-clean your yard immediately, for free.